Choosing Dog Food and Treats

Food and treats for your dog are essential and getting the right food for your pooch can require a lot more thought and decision making than simply reaching for the first option you see.

The best cat food for kittens

Choosing the best cat food for kittens can be tricky for new cat owners. Kitten food should provide for high energy and growth needs.

Choosing dog food for healthy teeth

Read our blog for advice about how to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. We provide information on appropriate dental, choosing dog food and chewable toys.

Do you know how much to feed a cat?

If you have a cat you need to make sure that you are feeding them properly and appropriately. There are many things to consider which we will look at in some detail here.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Learn about the real benefits of hypoallergenic dog food, and why should you make sure that you are feeding it to your dog if you are worried they might have allergies.

Why Ancol Dog Products Enjoy Immense Popularity

Pet Shop Direct carry an extensive range of Ancol Dog Products, the vast majority of which are consistently among our range of best-selling products. Here is why this brand is so popular among dog lovers. Our Ancol Range Our range of Ancol products covers everything you need to keep your beloved pooch happy, cosy and […]

O’Tom’s Tick Twister® Tick Removal Tool for Human & Animal Tick Removal

Pet Shop Direct are proud to announce the introduction of a new product designed to make tick removal from humans and animals both easier and safer to their existing product range: O’Tom’s Tick Twister® tick removal tool for human & animal tick removal. Tick Removal from Humans and Animals Removing ticks from the skin of […]

Why Using a Julius K9 No Pull Harness is a Good Idea

Dogs that pull on the lead not only cause their owners a great deal of stress but are also at risk of potentially serious injuries. Effectively stopping your dog pulling on the lead, the Julius K9 No Pull Harness makes your daily walks less stressful for you and helps to protect your furry friend against […]

Legal Dog Name Tags UK Requirements

Dog Name Tags UK: If you are considering getting your first canine companion, you may well be wondering whether you need to get your new furry friend a name tag. Here’s everything you need to know about UK laws concerning dog’s ID tags and the consequences of ignoring these laws. Dog Name Tags UK – […]

6 Top Reasons for Using a Julius-K9 IDC Dog Power Harness

While dog collars can be very stylish and are certainly great for holding your pooch’s ID tag, replacing your furry friend’s collar with a harness like the Julius-K9 IDC Dog Power Harness is often a much better, safer solution. Here is why. Reasons to Replace Your Dog’s Collar with a Harness There are six very […]

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