Ancol Dog Treat Ball


  • Safe,non-toxic
  • Hours of fun & Exercise
  • With adjustable opening to allow different size of the dog treats.
  • Easy to clean

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Product Description

The “Medium Treat Ball” is a special toy for dog treats which can provide fun and healthy exercise for your dog. The use of this ball creates physical and mental stimulation due to the natural instinct of your dog to seek out and chase.It has been noted that a happier and more content dog has a higher chance of avoiding behavioural problems due to increased mental stimulation and reduced boredom.

All you have to do is to attract your dog’s attention to this treat ball by inserting some dog treats and roll the ball along the ground whilst drawing his or her attention to the dispensed treats. Your dog will very quickly recognise how to play with this ball.

Available in two sizes: 12 cm & 15.5 cm.

How to use this treat ball:

  1. Insert a small dry treats through the adjustable opening.
  2. Adjust the opening to allow for different sized treats or the speed you want to dispense.
  3. Show the ball to your dog, roll it around the floor and encourage him/her to use it.
  4. Your dog will very quickly understand how to use this toy for him/herself for treats and fun.

*Dry dog treats are not included.